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The user accepts and agrees that all documents and materials (solely as examples, information, data, software, music, sounds, photographs, videos, messages etc.), whether publicly accessible or transmitted privately, are the sole and exclusive responsibility of the persons or legal entity from which they issue. It is, however, understood that DueCi Promotion Srl Promotion Srl has the right to remove such content and to undertake such measures as deemed necessary if it believes there has been violation of the present terms and/or the norms relating to the publicity of health data, of medicines for human usage, to decorum, ethics or to good taste in general.

The user undertakes to use the services solely for legitimate purposes, respecting the norms, the usage and customs, the rules of diligence, without harming the rights of third parties, especially as far as the norms on data protection are concerned as  well as the protection of intellectual and industrial  property and all the dispositions on telecommunications.

The user agrees not to use the website for:

a)     illegal purposes;

b)    the falsification of personal data;

c)     the spreading of material containing virus, harmful codes or programs;

d)    the spreading or transmission of publicity, promotional material in any form of solicitation neither authorized or requested;

e)     the exploitation of the service or any part of it for commercial purposes or the use of or access to the said service;

f)      deliberate meddling with the service, the server or its connected network or the violation of any applicable law or regulations.


The user expressly accepts that the intellectual property right  concerning the technology, the source code, software, hardware, the projects and the applications at the basis of the platform are the exclusive intellectual property of Dueci Promotion and its supplier and they are safeguarded by the dispositions regarding copyrights.


In the event of changes to the terms o fuse, the modified version will be posted on this website. We, therefore, ask you to check it periodically.



Dueci Promotion undertakes to make the site accessible 24 hours a day for 7 days a week. The website is made available without guarantees whatsoever, neither explicit or implicit, except for those compulsory by law or by imposition on the part of the Ministry for Health for the purposes of ECM for Dueci Promotion Srl.Direct or indirect collaborators, agents, licence holders, partners and/or associates cannot be held responsible for any damage, direct or indirect, specific or accidental deriving from the use or the impossibility of using the site.

Subject to communication, Dueci Promotion Srl has the right to interrupt, modify and/or suspend, wholly or partly, access to the site. The site may contain links to the sites of other individuals apart from Dueci Promotion Srl, whether adhering or not to the services. Dueci Promotion Srl is in no way responsible for the contents of such sites. The service is provided “as it is” and “as available”.

There is absolutely no guarantee, explicit or implicit, on behalf of Dueci Promotion Srl.

Likewise, Dueci Promotion Srl is not responsible for damage, claims or loss, direct or indirect, caused to the user by the failed or faulty working of electronic equipment belonging to the user himself or to third parties, including internet service providers, telephone and/or telecommunication connections not managed by Dueci Promotion Srl.

Dueci Promotion Srl will not be held at fault or liable for damage resulting from the failed delivery of services for reasons beyond its control such as, solely for the sake of example, power failure, badly working software installed by the user, the actions of other users having access to the network, fire or natural disaster etc.

The user is wholly and exclusively responsible for the content of messages sent directly or (in his name) by third parties, acknowledging his sole responsibility and exonerating Dueci Promotion Srl, and all parties connected with it, from any resulting request for damages or compensation.

With the exception of all the obligations to be found in ECM norms, in spite of the greatest care taken by Dueci Promotion Srl in setting up the contents of the Website, it is not possible to guarantee  the absolute completeness, correctness, updating of the same, nor the total lack of errors or inaccuracies which, wherever present, are to be considered made in good faith. In any event, Dueci Promotion Srl is in no way answerable for the data contained in the site and in the teaching material made available for any ends other than professional refresher training courses and any ECM accreditation. Documents and graphs are to be considered available “as they are”, without any kind of guarantee. Dueci Promotion Srl will in no way be called to answer for particular damage, direct, indirect or ensuing, of any kind.


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