About us


DueCi Promotion was founded in 1997 by Maria Chiara Fontanella, the company’s CEO/ Managing director. With its team of highly qualified professionals with strong organizational and relational skills, it is a dynamic entity in its sector.

ECM Provider
DueCi Promotion has received definitive accreditation as ECM Provider from the Ministry for Health in the ID n°1463 in full compliance with the applicable Regulations of the objective criteria as in the agreement between the State and the Regions.
Our Vision
We at DueCi Promotion believe in and wish to be recognised as those who have always promoted and sustained the need for Strategic Planning in Communication actions. Planning is the first and basic step for obtaining successful formative courses and events. This must be followed by meticulous implementation carried out by expert and qualified personnel.
Certificazioni Certification
DueCi Promotion has obtained UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 certification for the planning and organization of group events in the medical-scientific field and formative activities in compliance with the norms of Continuous Education in Medicine. DueCi Promotion’s Quality Policy places the client at the centre of its activities. Customer satisfaction is pursued by offering the most suitable solutions, but also by adapting the processes to the client’s particular needs, both implicit and explicit, and by monitoring progress and the acquisition of the formative objectives agreed upon through the constant measurement of satisfaction levels.
Our Mission
Our mission has, at its core, a process of constant and ongoing improvement of ourselves and of the services we offer. Face to face engagement with our clients, our collaborators and suppliers with a sole aim: raising the level of satisfaction of all those involved in this process to the highest point. Innovation is central to our strategic objectives. Reaching this objective allows us to offer our users courses and events which increasingly meet their formative needs.
ECM Scientific Committee
The Scientific Committee was selected on the basis of the competences of the individual members in their different spheres, both in surgery and teaching.
All of the panel members excelled in their relative fields of competence, not only in scientific competence but also in relational and communication skills.
Coordinator of the Panel of Scientists: Dr Piernicola Garofalo
Members of the Panel of Scientists:
Prof.ssa Annalisa Pession
Dr.ssa Sara Rossi
Dr.ssa Crystal Vella

Adoption of model 231 on the part of Dueci Promotion
As ever sensitive to the need for assuring conditions of correctness and transparency in the management of business and company activities, DueCi Promotion decided to implement the organization and management model as laid down in decree 231/01.

This initiative was undertaken in the belief that adoption of the model may be a valid instrument of awareness in all those who operate in its name and on behalf of DueCi Promotion. This so that, in carrying out their activities, they follow correct, linear ways of behavior so as to prevent the risk of committing crimes, with particular reference to those contemplated in the Decree.

Model 231 was adopted on 16th December 2019 with the intent of its having a bearing on the behavior of its Stakeholders, seen as a basic step in guaranteeing the effectiveness of the Organisation Model which aims to prevent the committing of particular kinds of crime that, being committed seemingly in the interests or to the advantage of DueCi Promotion, may lead to its administrative liability, in accordance with the said Decree.

With the awareness that DueCi’s liability can only be excluded by providing proof of the efficient application of the Model and its related Measures of Prevention, in fulfillment of the norms laid down in art. 6 of the Decree, the task of monitoring how the model works and is followed, and also making sure it is updated, has been assigned to a Supervising body with independent powers of action and control.


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