Term and Condition

In accordance with EU Regulations 679/2016

Dear User, EU Regulations 679/2016 provide for the right to data protection. DueCi Promotion therefore guarantees that your data will be treated in compliance with your rights and fundamental freedoms, together with your dignity, especially as regards principles of correctness, lawfulness and transparency.  We hereby inform you


Persons responsible for data privacy


Via Santo Stefano, 75, 40125 Bologna (ltaly), P. IVA 01796411203

Person delegated to deal with data privacy

Legale rappresentante di DUECI PROMOTION Srl

Terms of dealing with privacy

Application of the contract: registration on the website  and in group and formative events contained therein in order to set up bio data services and enrolment  along with the relevant reporting

legal basis: registration on the site and individual aggregative and training events contained therein and express consent

The nature of consent: compulsory

Failure to give consent will make it impossible to register on the website or in single group or formative events therein contained

Failure to give consent will mean no future leaflets or newsletters will be sent.

Handling and data conservation: Conforming with security requirements. Dealing with data will be done on paper, on computers and telematics. The data will be kept for 10 years.


Communication and promotion; the sending of information leaflets or newsletters regarding new initiatives or services from the persons responsible for data use or companies related in formative/group spheres

Legal basis: express consent

Nature of consent: optional


Communication of data use: data, if necessary, may be communicated:

To employees and collaborators of the persons responsible for privacy or supporting professionals and external companies, with particular regard to our technical partner Videorent and organizational partner DueCi Events;

To public, welfare, insurance, association bodies in order to fulfill specific legal requirements.


Interested party’s rights:  as the interested party, every user’s rights are protected as follows:

    • the right to be informed: the user has the right to know how his data is collected, processed, stored and to what end;
    • the right to access data: after data collection, the user has the right to access data and be informed as to how it is managed and to what end;
    • the right to rectify: the user has the right to correct erroneous or incomplete data;
    • the right to oblivion or cancellation: the user has the right to be able to cancel his personal data forever, except that for legal ends;
    • the right to limitation: the user can limit utilization of his data or block usage;
    • the right to transfer: the user has the right to move, copy or transfer his personal data;
    • the right to oppose: the user has the right to forbid his data being re-elaborated without his express consent;
    • the right to forbid automation: the user has the right not to let decisions be left to algorithms or automation.

The above mentioned rights can be upheld by writing to the postal address of DUECI PROMOTION Srl or to the email address info@duecipromotion.com


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